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destination wedding party
There’s a little over 20 people here.  That’s not a problem at all for any beach.  Parking is always the issue.

 Bryant and Helen’s Wedding in Paradise

Most of the destination weddings that I plan are very small get-togethers on the beach.  I would say about 70% of the time, it’s just the bride and the groom.  Then about 20% of the time they have their parents around, and maybe a handful of friends.   Then there is the top 10% of my couples who have abut 20 or so plus people who happen to join in on the fun.  There is no extra cost for more guest.  It all just comes down to finding the right beach, with the right amount of free parking.

Luckily, parking was not an issue for Bryant and Helen as they, as with most of their guest, were staying on the property of Ko olina.

hb ceremony-1Ko Olina is a great place to get married.  It’s seclusion factor has been fading ever since the Disney Hotel opened.

h and b oahu wedding-6And the rings go on!

h and b oahu wedding-5One of my favorite shots to do is an over-the-shoulder-shot of the bride, with her bridesmaids or parents looking on in the background.

 h and b oahu wedding-3Is it just me, or does the bestman look more nervous than the groom..haha

redo helen-1Parents looking on

bryant and helen wedding-7This is the second kiss after they were pronounced husband and wife

I had met with Bryant and Helen a few days before their wedding to coordinate their precessional and to see what mother nature had in store for us.  I wasn’t really worried about the weather on the day of their wedding, but for the fact that a monk seal had been popping up on the beach in recent days.   When the monk seals pop up, those environmental people show up and cause a lot of havoc, including overstepping their boundaries and closing down large portions of the beach.  For small weddings at Ko olina, it’s not a problem.  You simply walk around the monk seal to the far end of the beach.  For large parties, that’s a little more complicated as you don’t want everyone to walk around to the far end of the beach.

As luck would have it, the monk seal did not pop onto the beach.  In fact, the beach was very empty!    If the monk seal would have beached itself, we would have had the weddings in a small sandy area near the entrance that looked great as well.

h and b oahu wedding-1Bryant was not the smiling type of groom for pictures.  Most are not.

bryant and helen wedding-1Looking good Helen

bryant and helen wedding-2I love this shot.  Shooting straight into the sun

bryant and helen wedding-3This shot is done pretty much in the same fashion above where I’m shooting from an up angle, and the couple is leaning over my camera.

bryant and helen wedding-4Many couples want shots like this.  Lava rock, ocean, palm trees, blue skies.  Ko Olina is probably one of the few places where I can accomplish this.

helen-3If you’re wondering why this picture looks a little less warm, a little different than the rest, it’s because it is.  This is a digital shot.  Film has a tendency to look warm, without looking over processed.  You can only tell the difference when you have the pictures side-by-side.

helen-2Another digital shot!   See, digital isn’t bad.  I bet you’re used to the color difference already!

hb group-2Another digital shot.   All group shots are done on digital.  The special shots, if you pay for it, are shot on film (unless a special circumstance pops up where I need to know exactly where the lighting is going)

helen-4I like this shot.  This is taken on digital.

flm-1This is film.   Which do you prefer?

Bryant and Helen also purchased video coverage for their ceremony and the 3 camera upgrade to it.

You can find view that video by clicking here

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