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Eloping ~ The Next Wedding Trend?

Eloping ~ The Next Wedding Trend?

I’M AN ELOPING WEDDING PLANNER?  I GUESS I AM! Well well well.  Apparently, after twenty years of being in the wedding industry, I’ve finally found my identity!  Apparently, I, Steven Young, am an eloping wedding planner!   And apparently, in the latest ABC NEWS PIECE, “It’s the new way to […]

Greedy Wedding Vendors Bug The Hell Out of Me!

Greedy Wedding Vendors Bug The Hell Out of Me!

Full disclosure: I’m a capitalist, I’m a conservative, I voted for Trump, and I see nothing wrong with being greedy.   Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying, “Steven, greed is bad.  What in the world are you talking about!” And I have to admit, you’re right.  Greed is bad. […]

Sick Over the Holidays?  For me, Yes!

Sick Over the Holidays? For me, Yes!

I got sick over the holidays!  A week before Christmas I developed a cough.  The next three or four days, I spent resting in bed, trying to get myself healthy for Christmas Eve because I’m the head chef at my Christmas party.   It’s been about a week since I […]



They always say keep your political ideologies out of your business, and to a certain extent, I believe this to be true.  But right now, this nation seems to be very much divided.    And there are many people who flat out hate people who voted for Trump.   We’re […]

Boy, has it been awhile since I’ve written – anything!

Boy, has it been awhile since I’ve written – anything!

Hey everyone:  future brides, current clients, and everyone in between! Man-o-man, has it been awhile since I’ve written on my website!    When I first put up my internet wedding portal, I was very much – the active blogger.   Mainly, I wrote to put up relevant content for my […]

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FAKE INQUIRY FUN: Messing With Scam Artist

I’m sure you’ve heard of the TV show, Catfish, where people pretend to be someone their not to entice their victims into having an online affair.  It’s both an entertaining and sad show to watch, and I admit, I’m addicted.  Here in the wedding industry, we’ve been dealing with our […]

Groupon Isn’t a Scam, But You Can Get Ripped…

Groupon Isn’t a Scam, But You Can Get Ripped…

My really good friend is a Groupon addict.   That app is on her phone and she’s always on the lookout for great deals that will lead to her next great adventure.   For the most part, it’s worked out quite well.  She’s gotten great deals at great prices with […]

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According to “Experts” it’s Wedding Booking Season. Really?

According to self-proclaimed wedding experts who keep hammering my email, and calling me for advertising money, wedding season is in full swing.   Do I believe them?  Eh.   I have noticed that during a little after Christmas to mid-January, I do get a huge influx of wedding inquiries.   […]

Same-Sex Marriage, My Opinion

Same-Sex Marriage, My Opinion

My view on same-sex marriage has changed throughout my life.  I attended a Southern-Baptist Christian School in Hawaii which preached “The Sins of Same-Sex Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships”  We were taught as kids that same-sex couples who fell in love with each other were going to hell.  I know what […]

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THE KNOT SCAM: Don’t buy into their “advertising opportunities”

The Knot ripped me off, and it wasn’t pretty. In December of 2013, I was approached by The Knot via an anonymous phone call to advertise on their website.  The Knot offered me an overkill of web advertising opportunities, most of which was quickly read off a script, and most […]

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