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Leland and Kathy’s Sunrise Wedding on Oahu

kristin sunrise wedding-2Digital Shot – Waimanalo Beach, sunrise, with the perfect amount of storm clouds


I’m not a morning person.   Never was, and I don’t think I never will be.   So when a couple comes knocking on my door with plans for a sunrise wedding, fear strikes me as though I’m about to go over the top of a roller coaster.  But that fear suddenly disappears when I realize that I’m getting paid, and most of all, taking part in a truly special occasion.

Enter Leland and Kathy, a young couple who had a small dilemma.   Kathy wanted sunset photographs, but also wanted to attend the Paradise Cove Luau, which also started at sunset.  She first asked if she could get married at sunrise, and if it were possible to book me for a sunset photography session on another day.   Yes, she could do that.   And I’m pretty sure most wedding companies would agree to this proposition as it meant more money.  But the truth was that she didn’t another session as sunrise photos, pretty much turn out looking like sunset photos.

From there, the plan was set into action.  Kathy would tie the knot in the morning on the east coast, and then head to the west coast for the luau at sunset.

kristin sunrise wedding-7Because we were shooting at sunrise, I recommended that Kathy choose to utilize a mixture of film and digital for her coverage.  This is shot on film.

kristin sunrise wedding-5During the vows.  Yes.  This is film too.  I’ll let you know when it’s digital.

kristin sunrise wedding-4Those are storm clouds in the picture.  They usually head away from the mountains at sunrise.

kristin sunrise wedding-6Digital shot.   My 3 video cameras, and the paparazzi gang!

There was no complications with their wedding on the day of their wedding.  In fact, Leland and Kathy, and her family, arrived early.  The only thing that was apparent, everyone was a little groggy, including myself, who only had two hours of sleep from the night before.   I tried to go to sleep early, but I just couldn’t…it happens all the time.

kristin sunrise wedding-17

Back to film.  Film has a natural unprocessed look to making pictures look a little warm.

kristin sunrise wedding-16I love that look

kristin sunrise wedding-15I think this was the shot that Kathy wanted.  If I told you this was sunset, you’d probably believe me

kristin sunrise wedding-14This is a film shot that is slightly underexposed.  When you do this, it adds a yellowish haze to it.  When you print this on out, it looks quite amazing.  On the computer screen, it’s so-so

kristin sunrise wedding-13Now the difference between digital and film can be seen here.   When the sun dips behind the clouds, shooting on film is rather useless.  This is why I switched.

kristin sunrise wedding-11Digital shot.   Some fun “girl controls man” shots.

kristin sunrise wedding-10Digital shot.  The big-big group shot.

Leland and Kathy also hired me to shoot three camera video coverage of their ceremony.

You can view their video by clicking here.

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