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MOVIE REVIEWS: Get out, Great Wall, Lego, Star Wars Rogue, Fist Fight, John Wick 2

Here some quick movie reviews to help you start off date-night, awesome!

Get Out to see this!



When my friend told me they wanted to see this movie, I was reluctant.   I saw the previews, and I thought, Oh man – this movie is just going to be another excuse for studios to play the race card.  But it’s far from that.  The movie is great; there is simple twist in there, sprinkles of comedy, and a lot of “what the!” moments.   You should definitely see it.   I enjoyed it – immensely.





Matt Damon plays an action hero – again.


RATING: Solid B-

I enjo

yed this movie, but some people just thought it was stupid.   There are some stupid parts in there, I agree, but it wasn’t that bad.   I did notice Matt Damon’s accent going in and out through the movie.   The plot was a bit thin, a lot of common sense holes.   But what can you expect?  Chinese movies have tons of these plot holes in them


Man, I fell asleep!



Okay, so many people are going to hate me for this rating.  The critics loved it; I know many people who thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  And you know what, I love comedies.  I love stupid humor.   I love offensive humor.   But much of this movie just wasn’t funny.  I wasn’t laughing all the way, though.   The characters talk too fast, and it throws off the comedic timing.  I really wanted to enjoy this movie.  I went on opening night, bought the IMAX tickets.  It just wasn’t fun.  I even fell asleep a bit!

This is a hit or miss movie

Better than you think!




Ice Cube always plays the tough guy character, the bully, the alpha-male.  He’s pretty much the same guy in this movie.   I guess that’s who he is.  But hey, it works, and it was funny.   The story was really funny.  There’s a lot of sex jokes in here that are not appropriate for kids.   Leave them at home.




Keanu Reeves knows much more than Kung Fu in this movie



Most action movies don’t have much plot to them.   Most sequels to action movies suck.  Well, this one has a plot and it doesn’t suck.   Keanu Reeves, man – he’s a badass, isn’t he?  It’s very violent.  I heard the kill count in this movie is close to 2 million?

you probably already saw this



This is probably one of the best Star Wars out there.  There are so many holes in it that I wish the writers would have written a more honest script.   But hey, it was still good.  It answers the question, why was the design of the Death Star soooooooooo stupid.  Now we know.   And knowing is half the force – G.I. JOE!  (okay if you get that humor, you were born in 1977)

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