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Movie Reviews: Mad Maxx and San Andreas

I saw two movies this weekend: Mad Max and San Andreas.  Both were good, one was better than the other.  Here’s my quick review without any spoilers.

  • Mad Max ~ good movie, entertaining movie, not much plot, lots of action, lots of non-stop action.   Would I buy Mad Max?  No.  Would I see it again?  No.   Did I have fun watching it?  yes.  It was a little confusing in the beginning, but it came around.
  • San Andreas ~ This is probably one of the greatest disaster movies I’ve seen in a long time.  The director and the screenwriter really earned their pay because they actually did their homework.  Characters were pretty much honest and smart.  Action was honest.  The science was so-so honest, but you expect Hollywood to stretch the truth a little when it comes to science.  There’s also some of the over-the-top action scenes.  But hey, that’s expected too.  What is really to be enjoyed about the movie is that characters logically solve problems, kinda like McGyver.  Remember him?  Hollywood rarely has their characters think that much nowadays.  A simple punch in the face, or an unrealistic jump across a 100 foot gap, is how a character usually solves their problems.   In San Andreas, that doesn’t happen.  They actually figure out problems, somewhat realistically.

Here’s my verdict.  If you have to choose between the two movies, see San Andreas.





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