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My busy days. Trash the Dress and 11-12-13 Weddings.

11-12-13-1Jessica’s Trash-the-dress shot from Monday.


Monday and Tuesday were a little busy for me.  Well, let me take that back.  It was really busy.   I have no problem being busy, because busy means a lot of money, and a lot of money means I can spend more on my strange hobby of buying training betamax videos on how to break dance.  I’m kidding I’m kidding.  I’m not into break dancing and I don’t have a betamax player.  Funny fact, betamax is popping up as a spelling error on my screen right now.

My “busy-ness” has come back down to earth now.  Here’s a visual taste of the wedding bliss I encountered over the past few days.

11-12-13-2More from the Trash-the-dress session on Monday

11-12-13-3Sherwood, 6am in the morning!  The weather was perfect…and cold!

11-12-13-4Sunrise at Sherwoods.  Looks like sunset huh?

11-12-13-5Toast on the beach!

11-12-13-69:10 am on 11-12-13, on the West Shore. 

11-12-13-8This couple brought props!

11-12-13-9One of my signature shots I do at Ko’olina

11-12-13-10Prop shot!

11-12-13-114pm at Ko’olina.  See how empty the beach was?  That changed in an hour.

redo-1So… the bride is a firefighter!  Yup! A female firefighter.  That’s awesome.


Sunset at Ko’olina.  When we took this photo, there were maybe 4 weddings on the beach.

11-12-13-14I call this shot, the romantic walk on the beach…with the creepy photographer in the bushes.

redo-2And this shot I call “The Hasselhoff.”  Named after the awesome documentary Baywatch.

11-12-13-16My digital weapon of choice, the Canon G1x.  All of the shots above were shot on this camera.

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