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The “current” UH football experience consist nothing more than watching a bad coach lose his temper, falling asleep in uncomfortable seats, eating overpriced stale pizza, and paying for small expensive parking stalls.  At one time, great football play trumped everything else.  But Junes Jones, our former coach who took us to the Sugar Bowl was let go.  And like Elvis, good football, even average football, left the building, and slowly overtime, there was really nothing worth paying for.

Norm Chow should be fired

Norm Chow should be fired

I have been a University Football Season Ticket Holder for so many years.   I can’t recall a UH Football season that I had not witnessed live and in person.  I sat in the same seats at the Aloha Stadium: Section G, Orange, Row 8, Seat no. 1, since I was in the seventh grade.  I grew up in those seats every Saturday for the last few decades of my life; learning the game of football, loving the game of football.  Truth be it, I’m going to miss watching the game of football live, but the University of Hawaii has pressed their luck, tested my loyalty, and abused my patience.  Watching UH football is no longer enjoyable, it has now become frustrating.

The problems start with our head coach, Norm Chow; an excuse of a man who is thin skinned; an excuse of a head coach who simply does not know how to lead a football team.  His play calling surely does not reflect his decorated resume.  But aside from a conduct on the field, it is his conduct off the field that bothers me.   He is a secretive man who hired an offensive coordinator in the off-season, paid that man hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money, just to fire him before the season started. No reason was given to the public, even though tax payer money was used.  Chow, a man of arrogance, also cancelled a public spring practice, just because he didn’t like a sports reporter who showed up to do his job.

“The “current” UH football experience consist nothing more than watching a bad coach lose his temper, falling asleep in uncomfortable seats, eating  overpriced stale pizza, and paying for small expensive parking stalls.”

– Steve Young

The problems don’t stop there.  The University of Hawaii has drastically raised prices on the season ticket holder, while drastically dropping prices, unapologetically, for everyone else.  Season ticket holders, who are also serial tailgaters, are subjected to horrible parking situations where they must wait behind a velvet rope, for stalls.  And then after parking, they are bullied by power-trip parking attendants to bbq within a very small area, despite for the fact that the parking lot is virtually empty (it’s empty because we don’t win!)

Do I need to mention that the food in the stadium is worse than dorm food and there is no fountain soda either?  Arrgghhh…

What does this mean for you, the aspiring Hawaii bride?  Well.  My Saturday’s are now open for weddings during the latter portion of the year.   Before, I took Saturdays in the college football season off.  Not anymore!   You have my full attention.

So call me. 1-877-WED-IN-HAWAII.

I promise, I will enjoy planning your wedding, much more, than watching a UH football game.

Steve Young
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