Oahu Wedding Packages

Oahu Wedding Package

This picture was taken on the west shore of Oahu at Ko Olina. Sunsets are extremely  awesome here.


Oahu is the best island to tie the knot if you are an aspiring “Beach Wedding Couple” as Oahu has the most white sand beaches than all of the outer islands combined. Because of the abundance of beaches in Oahu, it is relatively easy to find a secluded one. I have to admit, I have a bias towards secluded beaches as they are much more romantic, and much easier to take better pictures.


I have two main packages that I created your Oahu wedding: the patriot package, and the eloping package. These packages are very basic, and include the simplest of elements needed to get hitched in Hawaii.  Many couples choose one of these packages, then add other services such as video, or flowers, to fit the wants and needs.

Oahu Wedding Package, east shore

This is Sherwoods Beach, located on the east side of Oahu. It’s great on weekdays, very busy on weekends and holidays.


I originally created this package exclusively for military couples who wanted to tie the knot quickly before getting deployed overseas. That exclusivity quickly vanished as our economy tanked, and every couple was looking for a cheaper way to get married. Quick did not mean lower quality of service, or most of all, lower quality of photos. Fast forward to the present, nothing much has changed with this wedding package. You still get a minister, a small photography package with digital photos that are color corrected for a very reasonable price.

  • MINISTER – ordained and licensed in the State of Hawaii
  • PHOTOGRAPHY 1 HOUR COVERAGE – will cover the ceremony pictures, small amount of family photos, and posed pictures after the ceremony. Coverage can cover either blue sky pictures OR sunset, but not both.
  • 75  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS – High resolution, printable up to 20×30, exposure and color corrected/enhanced.



Sunrise Oahu Wedding

Sherwoods Beach again, but this time at sunrise. This is where film noticeably exceeds the quality of digital, sunset and sunrise shots.


I created the Eloping package for the couple who is picture hungry and desires extraordinary quality. This wedding package includes the best of both worlds, digitally corrected photos and cinematic film photography coverage. Till this day, most big budget movies are still shot on film despite the advancement of digital technology. The reason is simple, film is human friendly. It smooths the skin, captures skin tones accurately, unlike digital images which are extremely sharp to the pore, and require color correction to “come-close” to replicating right skin tone. More so, film photographs sunsets and sunrises accurately. So if you aspire to get sunset photographs, this is your package.

The photography coverage has been increased to 11/2 hours in this package to accommodate capturing both blue sky and sunset photography.

  • MINISTER – ordained and licensed in the State of Hawaii
  • PHOTOGRAPHY 1 1/2 HOURS OF COVERAGE – This will cover the ceremony, family pictures, blue sky AND sunset photography.
  • 24 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS – Usually, I recommend utilizing digital photos for the family pictures and a handful of posed shots, and saving the best, the film pictures, for the ceremony, sunset, and posed shots.
  • 2 ROLLS OF FILM – Each film Kodak Portra roll of film contains 36 pictures.  There are 2 rolls in this package, which means you get 72 pictures
  • 72 4×6 PRINTS – All shots taken on film are printed on high quality, thick, Kodak paper. Photos are printed at a professional lab, not Costco, Walmart, or Walgreens.
  • 2 FILM ROLLS SCANNED – All pictures that are shot on film is in an analog (negative) form. It is best to have them also in a digital form in case you lose the negatives, or the negatives fade, or  if you desire to share your pictures over the internet.



Video is an example of the video edit upgrade


You can add video to any wedding package seen here on my website, or secure it as a stand alone service. A serious consideration should be given to video if you are having a reception back at home, or if you have loved ones who couldn’t make it to your wedding. There are two options for video coverage:

  • ONE CAMERA CEREMONY VIDEO COVERAGE – One camera HD coverage of the ceremony of your Oahu wedding. Includes wireless microphones, 3 DVD’s that are not printed. Color correction is not included with this option. For an example of this video, please click here. Video is archived and streamed on Vimeo.com forever.  The video stream can be password protected upon request.


  • VIDEO EDIT UPGRADE – This is an upgrade to the one camera video coverage, so you get everything in the original camera package, and 2 HD cameras to record your wedding ceremony, giving you a total of a total of 3 camera angles. In order to utilize this package, the original “one camera video coverage” option must be purchased. All footage is edited, color corrected, to give you a “television like” documentation feel to your wedding. In addition, two 15 to 20 picture animated slideshows are added to the beginning and end of the ceremony footage. And if you’re curious, you do get to choose the music for the slideshow. Most couples that are celebrating a reception back at home, usually purchase this option. The video on this page is an example of what the video edit upgrade would look like.


this is an upgrade to the 1 camera video coverage


Oahu Wedding Package, affordable

Bored with me yet?


Can’t find what you’re looking for in my packages?  Not a problem.

Every wedding is different, so every couples needs are different. May be you don’t need my minister’s services as your brother will be conducting your wedding in Oahu. May be you just need a minister and nothing more! Or maybe you are on a shoe string budget and need something cheap and fast. Whatever the reason, let me know and hopefully I can customize a package to fit your liking.

To customize a wedding package, take a look at my ala carte page, get accustom to my prices, then give me a call at 1-877-WED-IN-HAWAII.