My package for vow renewals are watered down minister-photo packages.  For the most part, couples who are already married don’t need massive amounts of photography coverage, so the amount of photos and length of photograph coverage can be literally clipped in half.   If you are a wedding couple on a budget, or simply just don’t want a large photo package, you may definitely use this package as well.

Vow renewals are rather fun for us because many times, they are a surprise!  So let us know if you plan to surprise your wife or husband.  We can think up of a plan and execute it to perfection.  There is no extra charge for us.

  • MINISTER – Ordained minister, minor customization of ceremony if needed.  The service can be performed in Christian, non-denomination, or in a civil, non religious format.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – 1/2 hour of photography coverage.  This will cover the ceremony and about 15 minutes of posed pictures taken after the ceremony.
  • 35 digital photos –  (color, exposure corrected), delivered via email link.  If I shoot more than 35 pictures, I will have to increase the photography time to 1 hour of coverage.

*As always, you can add extra service to this package from my ala carte page.


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