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QUICK MOVIE REVIEWS: Mission Impossible 5, Fantastic 4, Mr.Holmes, Ant-Man, Minions, Pixels, AND MOVIE PASS!

MoviePass Card Allows You Unlimited Access to 2D Movies

MoviePass Card Allows You Unlimited Access to Movies

MOVIE PASS: Subscription Based Theater Movie Going.  A+++

I’m a fan of subscription based entertainment.  I’m a subscriber to Netflix, NFL Game Rewind, Hulu, HBO, not to mention, my favorite, NFL Sunday Ticket.  About a year ago, I was introduced to Movie Pass, but didn’t sign up for it’s service till a few weeks ago.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. I call it plain stupidity.  For $30 a month, I can watch one movie per 24 hours in the theater.

The catch 22’s?

  • I can’t watch the same movie twice, and I am limited to (at least in Hawaii) to watching 2D movies.   But if you’re in a market with AMC theaters, you can watch 3D and Imax movies as well.
  • The first 2 weeks of Movie Pass is free.  After that, it’s $30 per month for one year.  Yes, they lock in you for one year.
  • You must be within 100 yards of the movie theater to check-in to charge your movie pass debit card.  Once you are within 100 yards of the theater, you can reserve ANY movie time you want for that day.

How it works is rather simple. Surf the web to and sign up.  Then they’ll mail you a movie pass mastercard debit card in less than a week.   Next step, download the movie pass app when you get your debit card in the mail.  Then use the app to check into the movie of your choice.  The app is a little finicky, but if you follow these directions, you should be able to make it work everytime.

  • Make sure to turn on the GPS on your phone BEFORE using the app to check into your movie.
  • Make sure you are 1000 yards or less away from the theater.
  • Because the app uses a GPS, this means if your theater is indoors, you must check-in outdoors.

Once you check into your movie, your debit card is charged with a movie credit.   Next steps are as simple as buying a regular movie ticket.  Mosey over to the box office, tell the attendant the exact time and name of the movie you checked in, and then use your movie pass credit card to pay for your ticket like a regular credit card.   Make sure to use your movie theaters membership point card as well.  Every movie you watch can still earn you free movies, free candy, free drinks, etc..etc…

If you’re a frequent movie goer, it’s worth it.   You can sign up BY CLICKING HERE!  By clicking on that link to sign up, it gives me a $10 credit (hehe…care to help me out?)

I’ll be reviewing more movies since I can watch more now….

mission-impossible-5-rogue-nation-tom-cruiseMISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5:  Tom Cruise Does it again.  GREAT MOVIE A+++

Does Tom Cruise make bad movies?   Okay, maybe Mission Impossible 2 wasn’t that hot.  But he makes some good movies that have great third acts.  If there’s one growing theme with Tom Cruise movies is the solutions to his conflicts are never easy, and they are always genius.  Mission Impossible 5 is a rather long movie, so try not to drink too much Diet Soda.  Not only is it long, it’s very entertaining.

2015_fantastic_four-wideFANTASTIC 4:  One of the Worse Marvel Movies to date F-

What can I say about this reboot that isn’t negative.  It’s boring, the acting is poor, the casting is awful.  Storyline is horrible.  Doctor Doom as the worlds first Eco Terrorist?   Come on.


MR. HOLMES:  The Worse Sherlock Holmes Movie ever made F-

Sometimes you wish Ian McKellen who plays Sherlock Holmes would transform into Magneto to make this movie interesting.   The movie is a mixture of flashbacks to Sherlock Holme’s last case, which was nothing more than a bore.   Some movie art fanatics love this movie because it made them think.  Really?   This movie was so boring, the cases so idiotic, and it was a challenge to stay awake.   See Mission Impossible 5 instead.

Ant Man MovieANT-MAN:  Awesome A+

I wasn’t really a fan of Ant-Man, but now I am.  This movie was very intelligently written, directed, and acted.   The blend of humor and action brings you back to the feeling you got when you watched the Avengers.  There’s a lot of moments where you wanted to clap, because it was so fun.

Minions-movieMINIONS:  Not as good as Despicable Me: B

Man, I love the minions.  But this movie wasn’t even as close to the fun Despicable Me 1 or 2 was.   Not even close.  I think it’s because there was no warm and fuzzy moments.   The movie is still a lot of fun, and I’m going to see it again…

pixels_pacman.0PIXELS:  Now that was a fun movie: A+

I was a little nervous about Pixels.  But this was a perfect blend of comedy and action.   Lots of laugh out loud moments, not to mention cheering moments where you were so happy to cheer for the good guy.   See it.

Well, that’s all the movies I saw so far.  Like I mentioned, I’m seeing a lot more movies because of movie pass.   That thing is quite the awesome.   Get it if you love movies, or you just want to bum off some cool A/C.


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