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Sunrise Wedding: Evan and Rosemary tie the knot!


Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-4Family cell phone photographers, the new trend at every wedding :)

I’m not a morning person, never was, and I don’t think I’ll ever be.  On most days, I stay up burning the midnight oil till around 4 or 5am, and wake up at around 10am to 1pm to start my day.  What can I say?  I’m a nighthawk, possibly half vampire; please don’t compare me to those twilight mascara wearing losers.  Given my crazy sleeping schedule, you can probably figure out that I’m not a big fan of morning weddings.  Yes, they are awesome and filled with incredible photo opportunities; but still, they are not my favorite.

Does that mean I won’t do morning weddings?  Of course I’ll do them!  If it’s your dream, I’m there.  And once I’m up and running, I’ll enjoy every second that I’m there as well!

Enter Evan and Rosemary, an awesome couple who wanted to tie the knot during sunrise here in Oahu. There are only a handful of locations here on Oahu that is perfect for sunrise weddings, and most of them exist on the east coast.   One of the more popular wedding locations on the east coast is Lanikai and Sandy Beach.   Well, I’m not a big fan of either.  Sandy Beach is way too windy; and as for Lanikai, there is this crazy old lady there that loves to break up weddings.  She never managed to break up one of my weddings, but I’ve seen her action.  So Lanikai is out of the picture for me.  Well, for now.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen her.  Maybe she’s dead?

My favorite location for sunrise weddings is Sherwoods beach.  There’s not crazy old lady, the beach is empty, and the sun rises perfectly next to the mountains, making for awesome pictures.

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-2During the vows

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-1The wedding vows from another angle

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-3That sunrise is quite awesome

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-5Sharing of breaths, a Hawaiian tradition

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-6Here’s the first kiss as husband and wife!

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-7First hug!

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-8Perfect weather

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-9Another great sunrise shot

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-11That water was rather cold in the morning

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-10Very similar pose, just zoomed in

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-14Usually when I to this pose, there’s palm trees.  But it work s here as well!

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-13Sharing of breath pose

Sherwoods Sunrise Wedding-15Last pose of the morning.

Evan and Rosemary’s wedding was small.  I believe only their parents and close relatives were in attendance.

On a side-note: Evan’s looks really reminded me of one my favorite quarterbacks of all time, Donovan Mcnabb.  The only difference is that Evan looked a lot skinnier, and is a lot more photogenic.  His fiancé, Rosemary, looked as though she walked off of a magazine cover.   Two good looking people and perfect weather, made it very easy for me to snap of great photos in the morning.  That worked out well, because my brain only functions at 70% at 6am.

To view their wedding video click here

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