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Kids and Hawaii Weddings.

fearkiss Kids and Hawaii Weddings.Do not think for a second, everyone will enjoy your Hawaii Wedding


Put a kid in a sandbox three miles wide, add a swimming pool that stretches to the horizon, and then tell him they can’t play in it.  Yes, getting kids to enjoy your wedding, let alone, behave at your wedding, is always a challenge, but not impossible.  The great thing about kids at weddings, almost anything they do make for great photos.  Here’s a few photos my last few months make for great memories.

and-they-kiss-2 Kids and Hawaii Weddings.No matter what their age, kids tend to never enjoy seeing their parents make-out.   I also say that as a grown adult….haha


angry-flower-girl Kids and Hawaii Weddings.So the flower girl on the very far left didn’t want to cooperate for her aunt’s wedding photo.   Not a big deal.  The photo still came out great.  She did cooperate with the pose for the next shot, but honestly, it wasn’t as fun.

Misty-Clements-oh-no-11 Kids and Hawaii Weddings.This photo is not a picture of a child misbehaving, but actually of a child being able to take art direction really well.  Yes, this is 100% staged. 

baby-playing-1 Kids and Hawaii Weddings.This couple was well prepared to deal with their baby while they got married.  They brought all of her toys, and food.  She was right at home while her parents got married.

Watch as father and mother juggle their baby, from one to another, during their wedding ceremony.

If you’re looking for a singular remedy on how to deal with your baby during your ceremony, I have to  apologize, because I have none.  There really is no right or wrong answer to this.  You know your child better than others.  Maybe you bring toys, maybe you incorporate them into the ceremony.  Perhaps, you don’t even bring them to your wedding (I know that is a real popular option).

One thing I do find fascinating these days is that the “norm” these days for a couple is to have their baby first, buy a house, live a little, and then finally, to sit down and get married.   Almost all of my couples are very apologetic for what they say is the “nontraditional route.”  Non-traditional?   If anything, at the current moment, it’s the tradition to do everything backwards.

me Kids and Hawaii Weddings.
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