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May Weddings ~ It’s Almost Summer

Here are most of my May weddings.   I was a little late on putting up this gallery and I apologize.  I just didn’t have the time.  I need to start writing more articles too.

May 9, 2015 – Sunrise at Waimanalo Beach

I’m not a morning person.  Lets get that clear.  But if my clients want a sunrise wedding, I’m a morning person.   Weddings in the morning at Waimanalo are great.   The wind is a little more calm, the weather a little more stable, the beaches clear of tourist.

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May 9, 2015 – Paradise Cove

There’s a nice little public cove that I use on the Ko’olina resort that shares its location with Paradise Cove Luau. It’s not very secluded.  In fact, at times, it can be a little crowded with tourist and locals.  But that doesn’t stop me from getting great shots.   My favorite location, which is on the opposite side of this cove is currently close due to hotel construction.

May 11, 2015 -Pupukea

The colors in this wedding was pretty awesome don’t you think?

May 18, 2015 – Pupukea on bright and sunny day!

I love planning and shooting weddings at Pupukea.  The wedding is large, secluded, and the parking is great.

May 22, 2015 – Paradise Cove

This bride wanted to get married stayed on the North Shore, yet decided to get married at the cove at Ko’olina because she wanted palm tree shots.  There are zero palm trees at Pupukea.  Well, palm trees that look great in photos.

May 23, 2015 – Sherwoods

Brides love Sherwoods but there are two things that I don’t like about this location.  One, the chance of rain is pretty high.  Two, the wind is strong.   On this day, it stormed everywhere on the east coast. Luckily, for my clients, the rain stopped and the we were able to get some great sunlight during the ceremony.  The weather deteriorated soon after, but we worked quickly and got some great shots.

May 28, 2015 – Pupukea Wedding – My first same-sex wedding with two guys!

I don’t do many same-sex weddings.   I’m not sure why it works out that way.  I’ve never planned a wedding for two guys either.   Well, there’s a first for everything.   I was very very nervous about this wedding because I had never photographed two masculine men together.   Luckily, my couple posed themselves and I just had to tweak it from there.  The photos came out awesome.


I had two weddings on Memorial Day.  One at the beach behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the other on the North Shore at Pupukea.  Here they are!



May 30, 2015 – Pupukea

Ah…the last wedding on the month.  Pupukea, as usual!  What a great clear day of shots




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