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Surprise Vow Renewal on the Day of Hurricane Iselle

About three weeks ago I got an call to plan a surprise vow renewal on August 7th during sunset at Magic Island.  August 7th was a special date for my client as it was the exact date which he and his wife exchanged their original vows.   Now putting together a surprise vow renewal is not anything new for us.   Elias and myself do it quite well.  He plays my photography assistant, I play the joking photographer, the unknowing bride or groom has no idea what is about to happen.   But putting together a surprise vow renewal ahead of a hurricane is definitely alien territory.  After learning of that Hurricane Iselle had a chance of hitting Oahu, or at least affecting the weather negatively, I moved their vow renewal to the morning from sunset.  I wasn’t really worried about a direct strike to Oahu, but strong winds would definitely affect the audio for the video and hair for our bride.  And lets not forget about the true possibility of storm clouds, lightning, 85mph winds..haha.  I took that into consideration.

This morning, the weather was perfect.   There were gust that were a little stronger than normal, but nothing that was too bad.   Hurricane Iselle is slowing down and breaking apart over the Big Island.  Lets pray that this storm breaks apart before coming ashore.

All-in-all, everything came out awesome.

me Surprise Vow Renewal on the Day of Hurricane Iselle
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