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Wedding Photography With A Cheap Camera

There’s no doubt that I am a fan of snapshot photography.  Most of the pictures you see on my site are taken with a very high performance snapshot camera, the Canon G1x, and a high powered Nikon Flash.   But I’ve always wondered if I could get great shots with a much cheaper snapshot camera, utilizing a low powered on-camera flash.  We’re talking, a camera you would take on vacation.  One that you would fit in your pocket.  So today, I took my “vacation camera” today to get some experimental shots.   It really didn’t matter if I messed up or not as the couple had hired their own wedding photographer.  Yes, they passed on my awesomeness, but that’s really okay.  I’m sure the other photographer got some awesome shots.  And no offense is taken.  I have a handful of couples who pass on my awesome photography services and just hire me out for my awesome wedding planning . It’s 10000% cool.

The camera that I used today was the Canon S100.  It’s a good camera, full manual controls.  I take it on my vacation, to football games, and to football games…oh did I mention I take this camera to football games?

So, could I get great shots for a wedding with my football camera?

The answer…yes.  It’s me!  Of course I could.

I pushed the camera to its limit and got some great shots.  I still prefer my G1x though.  The G1x photos are much cleaner, and because I can attach a high powered flash to it, I can do a lot more lighting effects.



me Wedding Photography With A Cheap Camera
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