Amazing Hair and Make-Up Services on Oahu

If you’re looking for great photos for your wedding, you’re going to need great hair and great make-up.   I want to introduce to you to a young talented woman, Lexi Nakada, who runs a company called Beauty Spell Hawaii, whose passion is hair and make-up (of all genres).  She even does make-up for bodybuilders and Halloween stuff.   Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

I took a look at her portfolio and was blown away.   She literally makes people look younger.  Take a look at her portfolio, I’m not even joking about that.    She has my vote of confidence.  And you know how picky I am about stuff.

Hair and Make-Up is one service my company doesn’t provide.  I did at one time but it was the wrong decision.  I learned as a straight man, to not get between a woman and her beautician.


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