Same-Sex Weddings on Oahu

In case you’re wondering.  Yes, my company, Dream Weddings Hawaii, willingly performs same-sex weddings, same-sex marriages, gay Hawaii weddings, or whatever is considered the politically correct lingo for today’s times.  A same-sex couple will pay no more or no less than any other of my clients.  So if you are a same-sex couple looking to book my services, please navigate your way to my Hawaii Wedding Packages page simply by clicking here.

Honestly, I really don’t perform many same-sex weddings.  And it’s not by choice. Same-sex couples just go to companies that specialize in gay weddings.   Ballpark estimate, I believe 10 to 15% of my weddings each year are same-sex couples.   I think it’s because I don’t advertise to the same-sex wedding industry.   Hopefully though, with this page, those inquiries will start pouring in.  If you are a same-sex couple looking to hire me, please give me a heads up when you inquire.  It does make a difference when booking ministers.  Not all ministers will marry same-sex couples, and we have to book the ones that do.

Regarding making your marriage legal.  Here in Hawaii,  you will get your marriage license the same exact way every other couple gets it, through the Department of Health.  Check this link for more info on that.

If you are a same-sex couple traveling from out-of-the-country to get married here, check if your country will recognize a same-sex marriage from the United States.  There are some countries that don’t recognize same-sex couples.  So, your legal marriage here, may not be legal back home.

If you are wondering what my personal views are on same-sex marriages, you can find that out by clicking here.

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