Hawaii Bouquet – Flower Gallery: Always Flowers 808 Weddings

Always Flowers, who I believe is the best florist in town, handles all of my bouquets.  Below is just a sample of their work.  If you’re getting a bouquet from me, pick and choose what you want, save that image, and email it to me. My florist will make that same bouquet for your wedding.  You don’t have to pick it up.   I’ll bring it with me!

If nothing here fits what you’re looking for, you can just give me a color scheme and they can create something for you with flowers that are in season.

Or if you want them to give them full artistic control, which is awesome, then it makes things real easy.

Just in case you didn’t take a look at my ala carte with prices, here are the prices for my flowers and leis once more.

Some brides think that I make my own bouquets, but I don't. I'm just not that talented. Although I am partnered with top florist in town! I'll also add that I am also partnered with the top lei maker in town. Make sure to check out both my bouquet and flower gallery by clicking on the corresponding links.
TEA LEAF MAILE LEI - The real maile lei consist of fragile vines that are found in the mountains, and break apart if not cared for. This maile lei is braided tea leafs. It's beefier, photographs better, and even better, it last forever. Click here for a picture!$50
TEA LEAF MAILE WITH TUBEROSE - Same lei as above, but with two tuberose leis added to the lei and intertwined together. Just a fancy twist to make a the grooms lei a little more distinguishable
BOUTONNIERE - In all honesty, I can supply this service, but a boutonniere is not a common requested item here in Hawaii for the guys like in the mainland. Most men wear leis. If you do choose to get this for the men, they can be customized to whatever flower or color scheme you choose.$15
FLOWER LEI - There are literally hundreds of flower designs on the web. You can view a small selection of flower lies by clicking here. The $35 will cover most male and female leis (other than the maile lei.)
BOUQUET - My florist can make any type of bouquet out there. If you found a picture of what you want, email me. I have a small gallery of the bouquets that my florist has made.

90% of all bouquets fall under the $125 range.
PETITE BOUQUET - Same as the regular bouquet, just a bit smaller. Great for small girls, or bridesmaids.
HAIR FLOWER - Most local gals pick a flower from our trees and wear it in their hair. If you choose to wear a hair like a local, one it's free! You can also buy a fake foam flower at Walmart, or a tourist shop for under $5. If you want my florist to make you one specifically for your hair, with a pin, it's $15POSSIBLY FREE OR $15
ANY FLORAL SERVICE NOT LISTED I swear, there are 100 different services I could probably list, but I'm not going to do that. If you are in need of something more, just let me know. I'll get a quote for you.Call me to get a quote


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