Slideshow Dropbox

jessica-wells-pictures-shark-153-154 Slideshow Dropbox

Here is the dropbox that you can use to upload all your pictures for your wedding slideshow.  You’ll need a password to upload files here.  To get that, I’ll have to email it to you.

 Here are some very simple rules you need to follow.

1.  Make sure your pictures are high-quality scans.  If they are big on your screen, it’s good!
2.  Label your pictures from “1” to “whatever” in the order you want them to appear.
3.  Use uncompressed jpegs.
4.  Label the transfer name with the BRIDE’S NAME
5.  Email me after you finish your upload to let me know it’s done.

That’s it.  Five simple rules.  Nothing too hard.   There’s no need to upload any song to the upload widget.  I can legally acquire them.

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