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Latest January 2015 Weddings + Weather Report


BIG SURF WARNING!  Big Waves expected to hit Oahu on January 22, 2015.  Yes, I have a wedding that day, at Ko Olina  I’ll let you know how it goes.  The swell is scheduled to hit the North Shore with 30 to 40 foot waves.  Ko Olina is on the West shore though, so it may not get his as bad.  We’ll still get big waves though.

Weather this week looks to be pretty perfect.  The wind and rain should behave itself.

Todays Wedding at Ko Olina

I had a great couple today.  They were fun…a lot of fun.   It was a small party.   Maybe 5 in total?  The weather got a little “voggy.” Vog is Volcanic Fog and it makes pictures a little on the dreamy side.   It’s only noticeable if you really look at the pictures.  Solving most vog problems is just a matter of adding a little contrast to the pictures.


Big Waves at Ko Olina

Man, the waves were kicking at the cove today.  A pretty good portion of the beach was washed away to the rocks underneath the sand.   Yup, it’s big wave season.   The vog was still in full effect today.  Shooting in this weather is strange.  Sometimes the skies look really blue.  Sometimes they look like they belong in hovering over Los Angeles.  Couple today was great!  A couple from the Australia!  They brought their kids.  They all looked like as though they walked off a movie set to be quite honest.  Good looks all around.


It Got A Little Rainy at Sherwoods

Sherwoods is located in Waimanalo and it’s the best place to shoot turquoise ocean shots.  The fine sand there blends with the ocean, and together with a bright sun and blue skies, the pictures come out quite “postcardy.”   Today’s shoot was great.  It did get a little rainy, but that really didn’t pose a problem for my couple.  They wanted to jump into the ocean anyway!

Later That Same Day….

I had a double surprise vow renewal at Pupukea.   Never really did a double surprise vow renewal before.  We pulled it off. The grooms were surprised, to say the least.  But because their men…we didn’t get the “wow” surprise reaction.  It usually works better the other way around.  When the men surprise the women.   Women are just much more emotional.

me Latest January 2015 Weddings + Weather Report
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