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2 GUNS: 2 great actors, 1 stupid movie (no spoilers)

2-goofs 2 GUNS: 2 great actors, 1 stupid movie (no spoilers)The movie’s apparent theme is about wasting money.   I couldn’t agree more Hollywood.

Hollywood Continues to Create Yet Another Stupid Movie

I’m about to give up on Hollywood as they have yet again, green-lit a project that should have never been made.  To sum up the movie, 2 Guns is a buddy cop movie, mixed with a little “Semi-Tarantino-Violence,” about a twisted bank robbery gone terribly wrong.  The movie starts off rather strong, fun, and interesting, but then travels down a very confusing path of subplots that literally lead nowhere in the end.   The worse part about the movie is the director’s obvious negative attitude towards the Navy, CIA, and conservatives who want stronger border security along the Mexican border.

But it just wasn’t the anti-american sentiment that made you feel uncomfortable while watching this movie, the writing was just plain sloppy.   While character motivations were clear in the beginning, by the time you were an hour into the movie, you really were not sure what motivated any character to get up in the morning.  Were they in it for the money, women, drugs, or were they just doing their job?  In fact, I still don’t know.   During the movie, you were literally thinking, “Okay, everything in this movie is really screwed up.  Now, how is this writer and director going to tie everything together beautifully?”   You’re literally waiting for something creative to pop up on the screen, but nothing ingenious happens.

2-guns-ticket 2 GUNS: 2 great actors, 1 stupid movie (no spoilers)$10.50 to watch a movie that bashes the Navy and CIA?  

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO WATCH IN THE THEATER.  It may be worth your time if it were shown on showtime or HBO.   If Hollywood keeps making movies like this, no one is going to go to the movies.

me 2 GUNS: 2 great actors, 1 stupid movie (no spoilers)
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