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According to “Experts” it’s Wedding Booking Season. Really?

According to self-proclaimed wedding experts who keep hammering my email, and calling me for advertising money, wedding season is in full swing.   Do I believe them?  Eh.   I have noticed that during a little after Christmas to mid-January, I do get a huge influx of wedding inquiries.   But that truly hasn’t been the case every year.

What has been rather consistent is that advertisers, everyone from Yelp to the Yellow Pages start calling me to ask for money.    Haha

In my opinion, there truly is no wedding “booking” season.   There’s just a time when it’s more convenient for couples to secure their wedding.  This time usually comes directly before and after tax season, after any holiday, and during anytime travel prices dip.

So don’t believe what you may read on popular wedding websites.  When you’re ready to secure a wedding company’s services, then it’s your booking season.   And whenever you’re ready to inquire with me, just give me a ring or email me.

me According to "Experts" it's Wedding Booking Season.  Really?
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