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Anchorman 2: Cheesy, Crude, Stupid – A lot of Fun for the Right Fan.

I enjoyed Anchorman 2, but not everyone will. If you enjoy parodies such as Spaceballs, and comedic movies like Naked Gun and Austin Powers, you probably will enjoy Anchorman 2. This movie is filled with jokes, crude offensive humor, and the off-the-wall stupidity that make you laugh because it is honestly…that stupid (especially at the end). If you’re one of those people who have to find a deeper meaning to movies, like “The Butler,” then I suggest you pass on Anchorman 2.  You probably will be bored, offended, and not get many of the jokes.

Will I ever buy the Bluray when it comes out? Most likely not. Will I watch it twice in the movie theaters? Nope. But I definitely will check it out if it is streamed on Netflix or HBO.

me Anchorman 2:  Cheesy, Crude, Stupid - A lot of Fun for the Right Fan.
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