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Are you Interested In a Hawaii Wedding?

Hawaii-Weddign-Waimanalo-Beach-3-300x225 Are you Interested In a Hawaii Wedding?

Waimanalo Beach


There are typically three types of couples that are interested in getting married in Hawaii:

  1. The couple who loves the romantic idea of tying the knot on a secluded beach.
  2. The couple who is running away from family and friends, because planning a gala wedding has become a headache, not to mention, expensive.
  3. The couple who’s a little bit of both of “1” and “2”

Now, unless you are a celebrity who’s been married five times in the past decade, you probably have no idea where to start.  Don’t worry, being confused is completely normal.  The scary part about this entire process is that there are a lot of dishonest vendors out there.   And just flat about horrible ones too.

So where do you start?

You can start by getting in contact with me.  I’m probably thee most honest wedding planner in Hawaii.  I’m probably one of the only heterosexual ones too.  Hey, I’m just saying – lol

Here’s my info:


(808) 479-0685


Facebook Messenger:
Just write in the blue box to the right of the screen.  That will go straight to my phone!

It doesn’t matter if you want to use my services or not.   You have questions; I have answers.  And if I don’t have answers, I’ll just make up something fancy that sounds good – hehe.

me Are you Interested In a Hawaii Wedding?
I pretty much do everything around here, from photography and video production, to the organization of all of my weddings. As you can see, I'm also the head writer too! If for some reason you can't reach me at my direct line, or my toll free number, feel free to hit me up on my company cell at (808) 479-0685. Call anytime...well, almost anytime. Don't call on Super Bowl Sunday or when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing!

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