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Chris and Jenny’s Oahu Wedding!

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-9 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!Kahula Bay.  Located on the west shore of Oahu

And they would fly 7000 miles!

Seven-thousand miles, two oceans, two continents, and a delayed flight, was just part of the journey that Chris and Jenny traveled to say their “I do’s” on the shores of Oahu.  The destined couple met, out of all places, at a wedding reception.  Jenny was a little hungry, and Chris offered to buy her a sandwich.  On most regular business days, customer service at this particular venue was exceptional. But for no apparent reason, that sandwich never came.  And because that sandwich never came, Chris and Jenny continued to talk into the night, and then for the rest for their lives.

Can we say for once, “Bravo for bad customer service!”

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-7 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!Awesome.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-6 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!During the vows.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-12 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!Sharing of breaths

Every couple has their reasons for booking with my company, and the main reason why Chris and Jenny booked with me was because of Rev. Elias Parker.  Like most couples of mine, they fell in love with his wedding service.  He’s good, if not the best.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-10 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!The second kiss after Chris and Jenny are pronounced husband and wife.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-2 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!I really like this shot.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-3 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!Did you know that in Europe, instead of saying “cheese” for pictures, they say “yes”

Jenny had two concerns with her wedding photos.

Firstly, she wanted a beach that was secluded.  Kahula bay at Ko’olina is a semi-secluded location.  Right around sunset, the beach “can” get a little crowded with tourist who are trying to photograph the green flash.   Before that, the beach is pretty much empty. Since Chris and Jenny were not looking for sunset pictures, and tying the knot at around 3 pm, the odds of having the beach to ourselves was very high.  Her original choice was actually Sherwoods beach.  But about two days before the wedding, I recommended that we switch locations as the weather at Sherwoods didn’t look too promising.

Jenny’s second concern was that she was scared that she and Chris would look a little too contrasty in the pictures.  I photograph many mixed couples, and when I do, I always recommend shooting on film.  Film has a way of reproducing skin tones accurately.  Digital cameras, even professional digital cameras, have a very difficult time reproducing skin tones of mixed couples accurately, and must be carefully manipulated in post production to create an acceptable image.

All of the photos you see here were shot with 400 ISO Kodak Portra film, and was overexposed by three-quarter of a stop.   Overexposing shots on high quality negative film results in less contrasty, more colorful pictures.  None of the photos here were color corrected.

Film also works well on couples with two different types of skin tones; such as in a case of a Filipino bride who has a nice olive glow to her skin, and a groom who is Caucasian.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-5 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!A true testament of the latitude of film.  Shot directly into the sun, full flash on the couple, the whites of her dress are not washed out at all.  Photo is not color corrected.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-4 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!I honestly think I am the only Hawaii Wedding Photographer who takes these shots

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-1 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!That’s a happy couple.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-11 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!It was hot that day.  Very hot.

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-13 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!
The second to the last shot of the day!

jenny-and-chris-oahu-wedding-packages-14 Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!Laying down pictures are simple to do, and always come out great.  If a couple is willing to lie in the sand, this would be the last photo that we take.

Click here to see their wedding video

me Chris and Jenny's Oahu Wedding!
I pretty much do everything around here, from photography and video production, to the organization of all of my weddings. As you can see, I'm also the head writer too! If for some reason you can't reach me at my direct line, or my toll free number, feel free to hit me up on my company cell at (808) 479-0685. Call anytime...well, almost anytime. Don't call on Super Bowl Sunday or when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing!

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