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Critics are Wrong. The Interview, The Movie, is Good!

There’s no need to echo why this movie has made the news unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month.  Hot off the press, as of today (12/30/2015), the FBI may be considering evidence that those responsible for the Sony Hack may be disgruntled Ex-Sony employees, rather than crazy communist.  That’s a new twist.  But the FBI still stands by it’s own investigation that North Korea is behind the attack.  I agree.  Motive matches….insane motive matches…

The movie, not surprisingly, was not a hit with the critics.  And like most critic reviews, you should toss their opinion straight out the door.  The Interview, is a good movie.  It’s not going to win an Oscar, but who really cares about the Oscars anyway.   Most of the time, movies that win the Oscar are crap.   What The Interview is not is a slapstick, Jim Carey, funny movie.  It is surprisingly a well written clever satirical view of the egos that surround the tabloid news industry, Hollywood, and government. It answers the age old question, “Why doesn’t the CIA hire news anchors to assassinate leaders of the enemy state during an interview.”  It also tried to answer the question, “Why does Dennis Rodman consider Kim-Jun-Un, a friend?”

There’s a couple of people who will most likely hate this movie:

  • Slow-brained-humor people ~  You know, the people who have no idea why everyone in the theater is laughing and has to whisper in your ear, “What’s so funny?”
  • Deep thinkers ~ those who go to movies to find their inner child.
  • Those-who-get-disgusted-at-locker-room-guy-humor ~  Yeah, the humor in here is not clean.  But with some men, this is the normal joking that goes around when women are not present.

This movie is definitely not for kids as there is nudity and a very strong amount of sexual references.

If you want to see this movie, as you probably already know, you’re going to need to rent it or buy it online.   Go here for more information  I bought it on youtube and had some trouble streaming it on my Smart TV and ended up watching it on my laptop.  I wanted to wait till it was available to purchase through Amazon or Netflix because their apps are much better than youtube, but I couldn’t wait.



me Critics are Wrong.  The Interview, The Movie, is Good!
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