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Dave and Leanna’s Hawaii Vow Renewal Ceremony! 50 years together!

50 Years Strong – Vow Renewal! from Steven Young on Vimeo.

It all began when Dave and his wingman spotted Leanna and her girlfriend at a local diner.  They were just teenagers, back in the age where there was no internet, when men actually had to think up of a clever line to impress a woman to get their attention.  Later that night, Dave and his buddy, spotted Leanna and her girlfriend walking and offered them a ride.

Leanna yelled back, “Sorry we don’t date guys unless they have mag wheels!”

‘Till this day, Leanna has no idea why she said that.

Moments later, Dave and his buddy returned, in a car – with mag wheels –

I tell you, what are the odds that Dave had a car with mag wheels, haha.  If he didn’t have a car with “mags” on it, there would be an entire generation that wouldn’t exist.   Can you imagine that?

Dave and Leanna renewed their vows on the North Shore of Oahu with the family they created and close friends.   They bought my Hawaii Vow Renewal package and added one camera video coverage .   Check out their video, it’s quite awesome.   To me, they are what all my clients should aspire to be – together forever, unconditionally with no personal agendas, through good times and bad.

me Dave and Leanna's Hawaii Vow Renewal Ceremony!  50 years together!
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