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Did You Know I Have the Worse Sleeping Hours?

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“I Get Jet Lag Just Walking to the Other Room”

As long as I could remember, which was yesterday (I’m just kidding), which was to around my elementary years, I’ve had the worse sleeping hours.   My parents would always try to put me to bed early, but then after three or four hours, I would wake up and not be able to sleep the night through.  In high school, I stayed up till 12am religiously, woke up at 4:30am in the morning to carpool to school, and was great to go until 1pm; where I had to throw in an afternoon nap during school periods.  I would also throw in an 5pm nap on the bus ride home; which turned out to be a logistical nightmare as I usually slept pass my stop.

My life right now is not much different than before, other than I make a lot of money, don’t ride the bus, and know more than my teachers, and…. oh wait, my life is a lot different than before.  Never mind on that last last statement.

But my sleeping schedule is not much than it was before.   It’s about 3:35am in the morning and I’m wide awake.  I went to sleep at around 12am, hoping to wake up at 7am, but I’m not tired anymore.   I don’t usually go to sleep at 12am.  In fact, my night usually is just getting started around that time, as I usually don’t go to sleep till around five to six am in the morning.  The reason for today’s early morning call is because I have a 9am wedding at Waimanalo that I need to get ready for.

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The last time I held a regular job in my life, I was 18 years old, and that lasted a horrible two months.   Waking up at 5am every morning to fight rush hour traffic to get in by 7am, and to work in a cubicle till 4pm, didn’t fit my lifestyle; or my sleeping habits.  I needed a job, where I could sleep on the job.  Having irregular working hours, fits my irregular sleeping hours extremely well.  Many times, before I arrive to a wedding, I actually get in a nice nap.  Talk about the perfect job.

If I don’t have a morning wedding, I am a nighthawk.   I once met a nice Native American man who said I had evolved from the owl, that’s why I stayed up so late.  I told him, it would have been great to have evolved from the owl, because I could turn my head 270 degrees and that would come in handy while driving.   What am I doing up late most of the time when I’m being an owl?  A lot of times, I’m working on touching up photos, or editing wedding videos.  Sometimes, I’m watching the television, eating, or singing at Karaoke Bar.  Sometimes, I’m biking (Yes, I bike at 1am at night).

My strange sleeping schedule works so well, that many of my couples think that I’m a workaholic, and someone who rarely sleeps.  Sometimes they receive emails from me at 3am in the morning.  So the facade is up.  I’m not a workaholic who works all the time.  I’m just someone who sleeps and works  at really strange hours..

me Did You Know I Have the Worse Sleeping Hours?
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