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Eloping ~ The Next Wedding Trend?


Well well well.  Apparently, after twenty years of being in the wedding industry, I’ve finally found my identity!  Apparently, I, Steven Young, am an eloping wedding planner!   And apparently, in the latest ABC NEWS PIECE, “It’s the new way to wed,” it’s the new trend.   Geez, I really appreciate the over-sensationalism, but eloping isn’t a new trend.    Eloping has been around since Adam and Eve.  Maybe more couples are waking up, possibly reading my blogs, that maybe – just maybe – spending 30k in 6 hours isn’t a good idea.

But that ABC piece said, “Eloping Planners are the next big thing!”   Wow, me – big.  Name in lights?   haha.

Or are they referring to weight gain?

Thanks ABC.  I appreciate the promotion.  Next time, they should interview me.


me Eloping ~ The Next Wedding Trend?
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