Federal Government Shutdown, No Effect On Beach Weddings in Hawaii

Today is Sunday, October 6th, 2013, the sixth day of the government shutdown.    Hidden beneath the headlines on the back page of many newspapers is the heartbreaking news that the shutdown of federal government has affected weddings across the United States.  Weddings that were to take place on federal property such as national parks, national monuments, or simply, in a courtroom in Washington D.C.’s city hall, were cancelled and left brides scrambling for a solution.

For the most part, couples, while they were not welcoming the shutdown with open arms, were accepting the moves of the federal government,  moving venues, and marching forward with very positive attitudes.    Their motivation is very much like the sentiment I encounter when I tell a bride that we have to move venues, not because of the federal government, but because of bad weather.

The usual response from the bride,  “It is what it is Steve…” or a “That’s fine, whatever you feel is in our best interest.”

The Federal Shutdown, is not affecting any beach weddings in Hawaii as the Federal government does not own any our beaches here.   In all honesty, you should fear rain more than the federal government on your wedding day in Hawaii (especially if you plan on getting married on the east side of Oahu, or on the Island of Kauai).

Oh geez…did I just freak you out about the rain.  My bad.


me Federal Government Shutdown, No Effect On Beach Weddings in Hawaii
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