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Guardians of the Galaxy, A MUST SEE! (No Spoilers)

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy twice, and both times, it didn’t disappoint.  The second time was much better though, because I ate five hot dogs.  The entire movie is all around awesome, balancing perfectly the right amount of comedy, action, light drama, and talking trees.  The movie stars Chris Pratt as StarLord (Star-Lord? Star-Princess?)  I have no idea who he is or that he even acted.  In all honesty, he looks like a construction worker, a real man, and I say that as a compliment.  If I had a daughter, I’d very much welcome Mr. Pratt to marry her, and then I’d ask him for ten bucks.   Then there’s Zoe Saldana, who seems to make her living playing pastel-colored-aliens who fall in love with wrong species.  You might recognize her from Star Trek (she was Uhuru) or Avatar (she was the animated love interest). Zoe’s just a little more pastel green in this movie.  Bradley Cooper provides the voice for the Raccoon character, and does a really good job (Did you know that Mr. Cooper was Zoe’s on and off boyfriend in real life?  A Racoon?)  Vin Diesel, starring in the best role of his life, plays Groot, the human-tree-thing.  Then there’s Dave Batista, who plays some muscled freak.  I had no idea that guy is half Filipino.  And you think I could spot a Filipino from a mile away since I’m surrounded by them here in Hawaii.  He sure didn’t look like a Filipino with all that makeup and steroids. (I’m just saying…)

The movie is safe to take kids and teenagers if you’re okay with very minor derogatory words.   Even though I saw this movie twice in 3D, I don’t think it’s worth it.   If you loved Avengers, you’ll love this movie even more.  It’s that good.  If you’re looking to find the meaning of life, skip it….

P.S. The ship in here “The Milano” is very awesome.   I think I want to buy the toy model when it comes out and hang it form my ceiling.  I haven’t seen that nice of a spaceship since those Robotech Veritech Fighters back in the 80’s

me Guardians of the Galaxy, A MUST SEE! (No Spoilers)
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