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Happy New Year! New Email Scam Inquiry! They are Getting Good!

Scam Happy New Year! New Email Scam Inquiry!  They are Getting Good!


Nothing brighten’s my day more by getting fake wedding inquiries during the New Years.  These scam artists are getting mighty clever.  Usually, for the most part, I can spot them from a mile.  This inquiry, I did a quick double take, but then quickly decided that it was bogus.


I am Mr. William Goggins, business consultant based in the UK.
Am looking for an experienced wedding planner to handle a wedding event for my client from Spain.
Please check availability using below info:

Wedding Date : 8Th March 2014
Number of Guests: 35 to 40 guests are expected to attend.
Arrival date: 6th March

We require the below services Also:
– Location for the ceremony for marriage
– Location for the reception/ dinner and party(It could be an open Place)
– Photographer / videographer
– Catering
– Florist (Bride and groom love pink and blue respectively)
– Wedding cake
– Entertainment

I advise you plan this wedding the best way you can as we do not have any particular suggestions. I look forward to your confirmation.

Best regards

William Goggins

I liken a scam artists to guy who plays poker as they all have their own “tells.”  In this case, the scam artists failed to figure out that it is a BRIDE who inquires to a wedding company 90% of the time.    If not her, it’s the fiance.   Never ever the fiance’s business consultant.  Really?  Business consultant?  Come on.   Nigeria, get with it.



me Happy New Year! New Email Scam Inquiry!  They are Getting Good!
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