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Hawaii Hurricane Season 2015!

Meteorologists are predicting a busy hurricane season for the State of Hawaii due a phenomenon called “El Nino.”  Just in case you have no idea what El Nino is, it’s when the middle to eastern Pacific ocean gets a little warmer than normal, thus creating the right conditions for hurricanes to form.  Will a hurricane hit the State of Hawaii?  Hell, I don’t now, I’m a wedding planner.  But the news-reporters say we are way overdue for a direct hit.  Which means, they are full of it. Climatology is truly not about statistics, although the media plays on statistics quite frequently.  There’s a science to weather, and it includes using the scientific method, not fear statistics.

More importantly, what will this mean for your wedding?  Well, nothing really.  A few years ago, we came pretty close to a hurricane strike and we actually planned a surprise vow renewal on the day a hurricane was scheduled to hit the big island.   The weather was great on that day.   The funny thing about hurricanes is that the days before the hurricane tend to be very very good.   We’re talking, blue skies, great sunsets, very little wind.  It is a bit humid.  But the weather is perfect for photos.

So my conclusion is an arrogant, “Let the hurricanes come!”   You’ll only have to worry about the hurricane if it strikes Oahu on your wedding day.  If it does, then we will have to move your wedding date one day up or one day back.  Secondly, you’ll have to board water and toilet paper.   But more than likely, during a strike, it’ll strike the Island of Hawaii first, and it’ll be a few days before it reaches Oahu.  In other words, the show can go on in the event of a direct hurricane strike to Oahu.  So don’t sweat it.


me Hawaii Hurricane Season 2015!
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