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HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekend

rain2 HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekendScattered Showers Until Sunday 


According to weather reports, it looks like we’re in for a little rain for this weekend.  Do not have your wedding on the east shore as the chance of rain are rather high.

rain HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekendLatest Doppler Radar Images – September 13th.

So what does this weather report mean for your wedding?

  • Less trade winds also means extra humidity – Men, slap on that anti-perspirant.  Women, pack lots of blotting paper to soak up extra oil and sweat that may pop up on your face.
  • It’s going to be cloudy – Sunsets may be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour EARLIER than foretasted as the sun will set into the clouds, not the ocean.
  • Head west – Winds blow in from the North East and down to the South West.  Clouds and rains will hit the east shore first.  Stay away from those areas if possible.
  • Bring water –  The increase in humidity will make you thirsty.   87 degrees will feel like 90 sometimes.

jenny-and-chris-hawaii-wedding-3 HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekendTaken yesterday, September 12th – it was hot!

jenny-and-chris-hawaii-wedding-1 HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekendCan you believe that 1 hour before their wedding, there was nothing but rain?  Only on the West Shore is a drastic change to dry weather common.
You don’t run into the same luck on other shores.

jenny-and-chris-hawaii-wedding-2 HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekendPrefect weather for their ceremony.  It was still very humid.   


me HAWAII WEATHER REPORT: September 13th weekend
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