Hawaii Winter Beach Weddings Equal Big Waves!

Today, we had humango waves on the North Shore of Oahu.   Thirty to Forty feet!  Just to put things into perspective, the light pole in front of your house is most likely twenty feet high.  Can you imagine a wave twice as big as that?  Talk about “holy toledo batman!” Big waves in the winter is like snow in December, pretty much a guarantee.

How will they affect your wedding?   Well….

  • On one hand, they can be great for photos.    If the shorebreak, isn’t too big, I can get you two into the ocean (about ankle deep), and we can come up with some pretty cool photos.  It is a bit dangerous but nothing that I would consider life-threatening.
  • On the other hand, big waves can throw a wrench into wedding plans if they are too big.  Beaches do close if the waves are too big and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Waves have been known to threaten beachfront property.    Many times, if the waves are on the North Shore are huge to the point where it’s washing up over the road, we just won’t use that beach.   Finding another suitable beach nearby is relatively easy.
  • If you have anyone in your wedding party who has a hard time walking, let me know.   These waves are unpredictable.  And the last thing I want is your mother-in-law washing away into the Pacific Ocean.  (Or, maybe I do if she’s a pain – lol).
  • For the most part, big waves and Oahu go hand in hand.  Yeah, there are big waves on the other islands, but they don’t have a photogenic sandy beach in front of them.  If you want big wave beach shots, come to Oahu.

The moral of this post?  Big waves at your small Hawaii wedding, it’s a cool thing.   They’re here till mid-February, by the way.


me Hawaii Winter Beach Weddings Equal Big Waves!
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