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Sick Over the Holidays? For me, Yes!

I got sick over the holidays!  A week before Christmas I developed a cough.  The next three or four days, I spent resting in bed, trying to get myself healthy for Christmas Eve because I’m the head chef at my Christmas party.   It’s been about a week since I got sick, and I can honestly say that I’m feeling better.  I did lose my voice, and I still have a slight cough.

Here is a couple of things that I do know:

  • It seems that a lot of people are sick!  Relatives, other wedding vendors, friends on Facebook!
  • It’s a cough, common cold.  People are losing their voices
  • It doesn’t seem to be the flu
  • All you can do is rest.

Like everyone who got sick, I scoured the internet for home remedies.   I loaded myself up with Zicam and Airborne.   I also fasted for 24 hours after I first got sick.   I have asthma, so these common colds hit my respiratory system a bit harder than usual.  I did take about 800mg of Ibuprofen to calm my chest congestion.  I got a lot of rest, and I drank tons of water. I have a feeling everything helped out because I’m pretty much recovered, even from my cough.  A lot of my friends who caught this cold before me, are still sick and have been sick for about a month.   Or maybe I was just lucky.

If you’re sick, take care out there!


me Sick Over the Holidays?  For me, Yes!
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