How to Plan a Surprise Vow Renewal in Hawaii


One of the best things we get to do here is to plan surprise vow renewals in Hawaii.  Pulling a surprise off like this isn’t difficult at all. It just a bit a strategic storytelling.  How do we do it?  Well, there are three steps in pulling off the perfect vow renewal


Text, email, and Facebook are probably the best way to contact me if you’re interested in pulling off this surprise.   You don’t want to call me because your spouse could overhear what your conversations are planning.  From there, we can quickly figure out what you’re looking for.

My vow renewal package can be found here.

You can add anything you want, including video, flowers, etc..etc…  Videoing the surprise is actually a pretty a cool idea.  This is one moment that you two can relive forever.


This is the best cover story that has worked in the past.   It gives your spouse the opportunity to dress up and to also avoid getting a sunburn, until the special day.   I will need 50% down to reserve the date.   So as soon as you decide to pull the trigger and go forward with the surprise, tell them you’re booking a photo session in Hawaii with Dream Weddings Hawaii.  That way, when they see the payment go through, they won’t expect anything.


How you break the news to your spouse – is pretty much “free flow.”   I’ve seen husbands drop down to one knee, ask their wife to marry them again.   In many cases, I’ve had the couple face out towards the ocean, and have our minister sneak up in front of them, when they least expect it.    Whatever you have planned, we can work with the logistics to let you know if it’s possible.  I’m willing to entertain any ideas.  Many times, we will have our ministers hiding out behind trees.   Once we had our musician/wedding singer dressed as a local on the beach.  He started playing the couple’s wedding song, and then another one of their favorite songs…and well, the wife knew at that moment what was happening.    It was a very sweet moment.  But before then, she thought he was just a dude with a guitar – enjoying the sun!  The key is to just keep it a secret just until after I start taking the first few photographs.  Then, at that time, your spouse will not expect a thing.

Here’s pics from a recent vow renewal. The parents thought they were showing up for a vow renewal.   The kids pulled off the surprise….

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