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HURRICANE GIL: So Far, Not a Threat to Hawaii

good-news-so-far-hurricane HURRICANE GIL:  So Far, Not a Threat to Hawaii

HURRICANE GIL: Following Same Path as Flossie

But Looking to Weaken.

The latest from the society weather group of nerds is that Hurricane Gil, which just recently formed, while on the same track to Flossie, is not a threat to Hawaii.  The odds are very low that Hurricane Gil will maintain strength and size, and make landfall here.  Rain and storms are very possible though, even very likely.  I have weddings from August 6th to 8th, and as the storm tracks closer, and becomes more predictable, I will devise some type of plan.  I will either advise that we either slightly move times or locations.   If push comes to shove, and in the worse case scenario, a hurricane does hit, we may need to move dates altogether.  That possibility is VERY low though…very low.

Please call me if you have any concern:  1-877-WED-IN-HAWAII


me HURRICANE GIL:  So Far, Not a Threat to Hawaii
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