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UPDATE APRIL 22, 2014:  Okay, I’m 100% healthy.   It took me almost two weeks to get fully healthy.  That sucked.  BUT, it’s a lot shorter that previous bronchitis attacks I’ve had in the past.  I remember about three years ago or so, that cough stuck around for a few months.


UPDATE APRIL 20, 2014:  It’s 2:45am in the morning and I actually feel well.  Coughing has about 99% gone.  I still coughed once or twice to get the last of the moisture out of my lungs.   But nothing is green, and my strength is 100% back.  In fact, I’m back to lifting again at my house, and for some reason, I’m a lot stronger than I was.  My next wedding is on the 24th, so I have 4 more days to rest up.  I should be 100% by then.


UPDATE APRIL 17, 2014:  Yesterdays wedding went well.  My voice wasn’t as loud as it could be because I’m still not 100% healed.  My cough came back a little at the end of the photoshoot for some reason.  I’m thinking it had something to do with salt-air and humidity at the beach.  It was loosening up all of my left over phlegm (I’m sure you wanted to hear that).   My energy was a little low during the wedding, strength wise.   But the good news is that I still got great shots, and I was still able to do my job.   I’m also working on my backlog of emails that I got over the past few days.

So my self prognosis is that I’m healthy enough to function, take calls, write emails starting tomorrow.   I’m still resting at home though.  I have another wedding on Friday, then six days off.   I should be completely healed by then.


UPDATE APRIL 16, 2014:  Well, I’m happy to say I’m about 90% healthy.  Maybe closer to 95%.  I’ve shaken most of my cough, but my voice is still not there, and my tonsils are still a bit swollen.   Energy is a bit lower than usual, but I think if I have a power nap, that will resolve it.  I do have a wedding later on in the day.  Doctors have said as long as I don’t share food or kiss the bride, I can’t spread the virus…haha……  After the wedding, I’ll be resting to get rid of the last of this virus.  I’m almost healthy!  Almost there…

By the way, I’ve gotten your emails, just have had much time to respond.  I’ve been sleeping… a lot


UPDATE APRIL 14, 2014:  Finally, major progress in my cold.  I woke up with zero congestion.  My tonsils are still slightly swollen, but nothing like yesterday.  My voice is not back to normal, but about 60% there.  The cough is still here, but I feel as though it’s on it’s last leg.  I am asthmatic by the way, so bronchitis hits me a lot harder than others. Everything looks good for a 90% recovery in the next two days.  I think the cough will stick around for at least another week.


UPDATE APRIL 13, 2014: If you guessed that I’m still sick, you’re right.  Slowly getting better.  Not cough as much, but my tonsils now are slightly swollen.  I checked the back of my throat, no white dots, do it’s not strep.  No fever, ear aches, stomach aches, headaches, so I’m deducing it’s nothing something serious.   Just that the virus in my lungs has moved up to my throat.  I remember this happening last time I had bronchitis.  Right before I was done with it, my tonsil got swollen.  Lets see if I’m right.


UPDATE APRIL 12, 2014:  Still sick, but getting better.  Cough is still there, but much better.  My voice still has not returned to full yet.  And I still can’t laugh without coughing.  Thank you for emailing me your inquiries instead of calling.  I really appreciate it.  I should be getting over this soon.  Sunday will come up to my one week anniversary of getting bronchitis.  I can’t wait to get over this.  Honestly, I’d rather have the flu.



UPDATE APRIL 11, 2014:  I’m still sick.   My cough, thank god, has subsided a little, but my voice still sounds as though I’m a wannabe cross-dresser.  I am feeling better, but my energy is still not up to full so I am sleeping a lot.   I’ll keep this blog updated with my health to let you know when I’m back up to running at a 100%.


Today is April 9th, 2014, Wednesday, and I can’t answer my phone as my voice is not loud, nor constant.  That and I’m hocking up a lugie every other minute.   I am though, still working full.  I don’t have any weddings till April 16th,so the timing of this chest cold couldn’t have been better.   I would rather not have a chest cold, given the option, of course.

Since I am a little sick couple things:

  1. I don’t be able to answer phone calls, but will be able to answer emails and text
  2. I’m not responding as timely as before because I’m hopped up on drugs and sleeping a lot.   So if you can be a little patient with me that’d be great.
  3. If you do call, leave your email addy so I can return it.

I should be up and running to full capacity hopefully by the end of this week.   It’s just that I needed to get this message out to everyone, because I can see couples ringing my phone, leaving messages, which I am unable to return through voice.

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