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Is Eloping in Hawaii Stressful? uh…Good Question

Since I run a wedding company that specializes in couples who want to elope on the beaches in Hawaii, you would think I’d have a bias here.   Afterall, more beach weddings mean more money!  And I’m Chinese, that stereotype is true, and we love our money!   But I really don’t have a bias here.   I just have an observation.   I’ve been in the wedding industry for about twenty years in which five of them were spent planning huge gala weddings.   I can say that big weddings, yeah – pretty stressful for everyone.   The more people you have, the more drama.   Most of the stress comes from guest though, not the bride and groom.   I think there should be a term called “momzillas” or “guestzillas.”

But we’re talking about eloping beach weddings.   Are they stressful?

It really depends on you and your fiance.  If you are not laid back, go with the flow peeps, then hell yeah it’s going to be stressful.  And if you are not laid back, I probably don’t want you as a client either.  I’m serious.  Book with the other guy you found on google.

I just had a wedding the other day at Ko’olina and my clients had to leave two hours earlier because the President was in town.  Freeways were closed from 2 to 5 pm, traffic was bad.  The couple left their hotel at 1 pm, got to the location a bit early, and walked around till it was time for their sunset wedding.  They didn’t complain, didn’t fuss, and just “rolled with it,” their exact words.   Everything turned out great.  We had a romantic wedding on the beach, got great photos, it was a great memory.

On the same beach where my couples eloped, I ran into another wedding company and they said their client was really high strung and had not enjoyed their wedding because President Trump was on the same island as them.  Geez, talk about someone with personal problems.

So what’s the moral of the story here?  There are some people who just shouldn’t be married…haha.  I’m joking, I’m joking.    The moral of the story here is to just have fun at your wedding, big or small, Hawaii or no Hawaii.  Even if everything hits the fan, just laugh at life’s absurdities…and move on.  It’s your wedding day!  Smile.

me Is Eloping in Hawaii Stressful?  uh...Good Question
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