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It’s 2018 and My Oahu Wedding Package Prices are Not Changing

Every year, companies always find an excuse to raise prices.  I remember in high school, every year, the price of a soda would go up by 5 cents.   By the time I graduated, soda was 20 cents more!  Hey for someone with only a summer family job, that was a lot of money!   Well, unlike my high school, I don’t make it point to raise my prices by five-cents a year.  I make it a point to raise it by a million!  haha…  Just kidding.

There’s no price increase this year – so far.  I say so far, because I have no idea what the future holds.  I only have to raise prices if my vendors raise prices on me.   And lately, it’s only been my florist who’s been getting hit with inflation.

As for new services offered?

Well, there is a wonderful little small beach rental property on Oahu that I’m hoping to do more weddings on.   I’m going to blog about that property soon.  And I’m not sure if I’m going to get into drone videography.  I fly drones now, just for fun.  Flying would be fun.   But I would need another hand to help me fly and that may make video services a bit more expensive.  I am planning on marketing quick weddings/vow renewals and photo shoots to couples or families who are already on the island.  Their prices won’t be cheaper or more expensive than what’s featured on my website.  But, I will design them a bit different to make logistics a lot easier.

If you have any new ideas, let me know.  I’m all – big ears

me It's 2018 and My Oahu Wedding Package Prices are Not Changing
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