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It’s Never Too Late to Book Your Hawaii Wedding Package!

Allysons-Wedding-118 It's Never Too Late to Book Your Hawaii Wedding Package!This was not a last minute wedding if you’re wondering

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked during the summer, and I’m not sure why I never addressed this concern through an official article.   But at least once per week, sometimes twice a day, a couple will call to ask me if it’s too late to book their wedding with me.

The simple answer to that questions is:

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.  Absolutely never too late.

Now that all of those “good luck” dates are over with, such as 7-7-07, 8-8-08, 11-1-11, wedding dates have pretty much began to spread evenly throughout the summer.   I’m not booked every hour of the month, so the I can definitely fit you in if you’re willing to be flexible.

Here are a few points to consider when it comes to booking wedding dates:

  1. The earlier you book, the higher chance you have of getting the exact date, time, minster, flowers, and location, for your wedding
  2. The earlier you book, the less you’ll have to switch into overdrive mode to plan your wedding.
  3. Last minute “bookers” have to exercise some flexibility.
    1. Flexibility in location
    2. Flexibility in time
    3. Flexibility in the date (somewhat)
    4. Flexibility in the type of flowers that are needed.
    5. Flexibility in the choice of minister that is available.

How last minute can you be?

I remember I once planned a wedding in a matter of 20 minutes.  A bride had called me from the Honolulu airport and asked if it were possible for her to get married.  She and her fiance already had their marriage license, but earlier that week, she had backed out of her large gala wedding at the last minute.  With a change of heart, she changed her mind and wanted to marry her fiance before they left Oahu.   So after her phone call, and some quick planning, I picked her and her fiance up from the airport, got them married at Kaka’ako park, got them great photos, a great video, and flowers that were available.  Everything was romantic and there was no degradation in quality.  For their reception, ha-ha, we stopped by McDonalds on the way back to the airport.

Please, do not follow their route and give me a call when you’re about to leave the airport!  PLEASE!  I’M BEGGING YOU!

Simply give me a call if you think I can help, as soon as you figure out you want to get married.

If you’re wondering when the best time to book?  It’s when you have any interest in booking a wedding in Hawaii.



me It's Never Too Late to Book Your Hawaii Wedding Package!
I pretty much do everything around here, from photography and video production, to the organization of all of my weddings. As you can see, I'm also the head writer too! If for some reason you can't reach me at my direct line, or my toll free number, feel free to hit me up on my company cell at (808) 479-0685. Call anytime...well, almost anytime. Don't call on Super Bowl Sunday or when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing!

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