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Jared and Sherrie’s Hawaii Wedding!!

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-Film-1 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!Here’s a shot I haven’t done in awhile. The abandoned building on the North Shore


Jared and Sherrie both admit they hate to have their photos taken.  Why? I am not sure, because both photograph really well.  Sherrie customized her own wedding package with me, opting for a minister, and and a rather robust photography 1 1/2 hour package that consisted of both film and digital package.  She did have a request that I didn’t get in a long time.  Sherrie fell in love with the photos that I took of a couple near an abandoned building on the North Shore, and wanted to recreate that scene.   It had been seven years since I had shot at that abandoned building.  I guess it was about time I paid a visit back.

Lets start off with some ceremony pictures:

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-1 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!Jared reading his vows.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-2 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!There go the rings.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-3 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!Part of the traditional Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony, the sharing of breaths.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-7 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!A candid shot when no one was looking!  Actually, it was a shot to test my lighting

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-8 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!The real group shot, when everyone was ready.

Okay, lets move on to some of the special posed shots:

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-5 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!Lately I have been getting grooms with long hair.  I think its a good look and makes men look like rock stars.  What say you?

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-4 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!! It’s your usual romantic walk on the beach with the creepy photographer shot.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-10 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!One of the last shots of the day, but not one of the last shots I’ll show.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-9 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!I think this is one of the coolest props that a couple ever brought with them.   In all honesty, my couples rarely bring props.
I’m thinking, “Now, they should…”

AND NOW, here come the shots I took with film.  As you can see, the picture looks less processed.  I wish you could see the actual print.  
The monitor does not give these photos justice.

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-Film-3 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!! Isn’t there a song called “Sherry Baby” by Frankie Valli?

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-Film-5 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!! At Sunset Beach. 

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-Film-4 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!! This pose works well even when there’s no Minister

Sherrie-Hawaii-Wedding-Film-2 Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!Congratulations to Jared and Sherrie!



me Jared and Sherrie's Hawaii Wedding!!
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