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KICK ASS 2, Kicks a lot of Ass!

This summer’s greatest action flick is definitely, without a doubt, Kick Ass 2; but from the recent box office results, it seems that nobody knows about it.  Everyone is seeing The Butler, which I heard is good, but I think I’ll wait for video on that one.   Do not let the child-like name of the movie fool you, this flick is not for kids.  The violence, nudity, and sexual references easily give this rollercoaster-of-a-ride movie an R rating.

I don’t want to give much of the movie away, so I’ll just comment on the script.  Kick Ass 2 is a perfectly written action/adventure movie that screenwriting students should study.  Its script is honest, with characters truly acting and reacting the way they would do in real life, and not what the screenwriter, producers, or movies studios wants them to do.   Back in my screenwriting days, too many writers would pen a movie that they wanted to see, but with characters they loved but didn’t belong in that movie.  The problem soon became clear, that the characters they loved wouldn’t give them the ending they wanted.  So by the time Act Three rolled around, the writer would force an ending he wanted. The end result would be a movie that left the audience puzzled.

“So it’s not the movie you want to see, but it works…and that’s why you have to see it.  See what real, brilliant action writing is about.”

This happens more often than before because many movies before are now screened by test audiences during production.   Studios many times end up or changing characters motivations, and endings, based on audience surveys and not what’s honest.  The best example would probably be Pretty Woman, in which the original script was about a hooker who hooked up with a rich guy, and together they battled many of her demons that including everything from drug addiction, to crime, to falling back into prostitution.  The audience hated it and well… Pretty Woman was rewritten so many times that it became a Cinderella type of romantic movie.

Back to Kick Ass 2:

Kick Ass 2 isn’t exactly the movie the audience wants to see.    Again, it’s honest.  Their costumes are cheesy because do you actually expect kids or anyone to make great fitting costumes?  The hero is not some good looking guy, and this movie is supposed to be based in New York, not a made up city like Gotham.    So it’s not the movie you want to see, but it works…and that’s why you have to see it.  See what real, brilliant action writing is about.

How much do I think this movie rocked?  Well, I actually enjoyed Kick Ass 2 better than Iron Man 3 (and I’m a huge Iron Man fan).  I do have a few viewing tips though.  If you didn’t watch the first Kick Ass, you should see it.  Also, this is one of those movies where they have an extra clip after the credits finish rolling.

me KICK ASS 2, Kicks a lot of Ass!
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