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My Two Cents on Jar Jar Bink’s, I mean, Mily Cyrus’ VMA Performance.

sixheckalot-210x300 My Two Cents on Jar Jar Bink’s, I mean, Mily Cyrus’ VMA Performance.

Sir Mix-a-lot would be sad

I don’t watch the VMA’s.  I used to, when MTV actually played music videos.  But now that I’m older, I just don’t.  I really don’t remember the last award show I sat down and watched with any enthusiasm. So when I heard of this Miley Cyrus performance, I had to actually “youtube” the darn thing to see what the commotion was all about.

My reaction?

Firstly, I think her butt looked kinda strange.  Was that latex underwear too tight?  Her hairstyle looks as though it’s something I could accomplish with toothpaste.  Yeah, it was over sexualized, but  the choreography, music, and dancing, was even worse.  It’s not uncommon for performers to over-sexualize their performances.  Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch 20 plus times in one song, Prince bared his buttocks once, Madonna did too many things to list; but the difference between what they did and what Jar Jar binks did was night and day.  Previous Performing Perverts or PPP actually involved good dancing and art direction.   Miley Cyrus threw all her years of accumulated dance lessons out the window… PPP should be outraged; Mickey as well.

The true tragedy though, is America.  So Hanna Montana has grown up to resemble a chipmunk gone slutty.  She is the tweet of the nation.

For true controversy, the ones that count, most American’s don’t care.   From the cover up to blame the US Embassy Al Qaeda attack on a youtube video director, the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS,  to the unconstitutional government spying on US citizens; the majority of Americans don’t want to hear about it.  Lets alone, tweet about it.

Let it be noted, on this day in history, Miley’s circus antics made headlines over the news that our President was two days from ordering the United States to enter a war with Syria.

Give me my dunce cap.

me My Two Cents on Jar Jar Bink’s, I mean, Mily Cyrus’ VMA Performance.
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