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MOVIE REVIEW: Batman vs. Superman – Critics Are Wrong! Entertaining Movie! (No Spoilers)

I saw Batman vs. Superman a week after if came out and I thought it was great.  SCREW THE CRITICS.

It’s a long movie, about 2 and 1/2 hours long, and I made sure I didn’t drink any Diet Coke (because Diet Coke makes you pee!)   As you probably already know, this movie has been hammered by the movie critics, not to mention, comic book nerds.    Comic book nerds have been up in arms about Batman vs. Superman because it’s not canon.  If case you don’t know what canon means, it’s the comic book term for “keeping it real.”   They’re right, this movie doesn’t follow the comics, but who cares.   Really.  It’s a fun movie for Peter Parker’s sake.

Critics have bashed Batman vs. Superman for being boring.   These are the same critics who praised Quentin Tarintino’s Hateful Eight and Leonardo’s Revenant as Oscar Worthy, which just happened to be horribly boring movies.  Let me just take a second to point out here, that most Oscar winning movies are freaking boring.  Dances with Wolves, English Patient, Fargo, Goodwill Hunting, Revenant, were so boring, buying popcorn at the concession stand was the highlight of my evening.   Batman vs. Superman was not boring.   There were a few slow spots in there, like any movie, but after that, it was all action.   And the action scenes are great.

This movie is not like Star Wars Jar-Jar Binks One.   This movie was very entertaining and written honestly.

Go see the movie.  It’s worth it. I’m seeing it again!

me MOVIE REVIEW: Batman vs. Superman - Critics Are Wrong!  Entertaining Movie! (No Spoilers)
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