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When this movie came out in the theaters, I “kinda” wanted to see it, but passed on the opportunity because I just didn’t think it was worth $10.00.   When it hit the store shelves, I “kinda” wanted to buy, but passed because I just didn’t think it was worth $15.00.  Now that it’s free to watch on Starz, and a free download on Directv, I think it’s the perfect price to watch!

Here Comes The Boom is actually a VERY GOOD movie.  Coming from the brain of Adam Sandler, your first instinct would be that you’re about to watch a slapstick comedy like Happy Gilmore.   But a slapstick comedy is exactly what “Here Comes The Boom” is not.  This flick is more of Rocky type of movie that follows a teacher as he enters in MMA contest to save his school music program.  The direction and storytelling are good and honest.   The cinematography is extremely good.   I mean really good.  Especially that last fight scene.   The fight scenes also looked very realistic, as though real punches were being traded.

After seeing Here Comes the Boom, would I buy it?  Probably not.  I only buy epic blockbuster movies such as Ironman or Thor.   But it’s a great movie that I would probably download for free again and watch it with friends and family.


me GREAT TO WATCH FOR FREE! Here Comes The Boom
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