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Movie Review: Interstellar….What the world? (no spoilers)

Interstellar is a science fiction space movie that stars Matthew Mcconaughey, that guy from the Lincoln car commercials; and Ann Hathaway, that girl who looks rather strange and doesn’t have a car commercial yet.   Before Gravity 2….I mean Interstellar, was released this weekend, critics had begun singing praises, some calling it one of the best movies of the year. And we all knew what that meant.  That at one point in the movie it would be extremely wordy.   And then in another, extremely boring.  Why do Oscar worthy movies have to be so lame?

Interstellar though, is not a lame movie.  But it’s not that good either.  Heck, I honestly don’t know what to think  about it.  I think Q*bert  said it best when he said, “@#?@!”  I can best describe Interstellar as a movie that is all around bad, and all around good, all around boring, and all around entertaining.  It is confusing at times, and then at times, it is brilliant.   If you average the great scenes and horrible scenes, Interstellar would receive a solid C.  But, the movie is much better than a C.   Is it an A?  Ugh….I dunno.  All I have to say that Interstellar is a solid “?”  You have to see it to get confused.

Would I recommend seeing this movie?  I dunno.    Hmmm….  If you’re a person who likes to figure things out in movies, then yes, by all means see the movie.   If you’re one of those people who gets easily lost by confusing scientific dialogue, I would suggest you wait for video.   This is definitely confusing at times.  If you have a small bladder, skip it.  This movie is longer than the women’s restroom line.


me Movie Review: Interstellar....What the world? (no spoilers)
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