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Movie Review: Lucy – What the…Really? What a dumb….. (No Spoilers)

I had the opportunity to attend an early screening of Lucy yesterday (July 23, 2014), for free, and I still feel as though I got ripped off.  I didn’t have any special connections to get into the screening.  I just printed out a ticket, showed up to the theater early with friends, and just waited in line for close to two hours in the hot humid weather.  Never in my life am I doing that again.  Not only was the waiting uncomfortable, but seats were hard to find, and the concession stand lines were so long and slow, that I didn’t get to eat my usual movie grub.  Next time, I’ll pay my $10.00

So onto the movie…

Lucy, is a poorly made movie, a movie that’s hard to watch at times, and thus…a waste of time; I want an hour and a half of my life back.

While the trailer looked very cool, the actual movie was freaking unbelievably stupid because it failed upon all aspects of movie making:  directing, editing, writing, and even acting.  The director, Luc Besson, is an action director from France, best known for movies such as The Transporter, The Fifth Element, and Taken; all pretty fun movies in my opinion.  In my book, Besson’s strength lies in creating “Great Revenge Movies.”  Lucy unfortunately is just not at the caliber of any of his previous creations.

The problem lies in the fact that Lucy is a movie that doesn’t have 3 acts to it, meaning your usual beginning, middle, and end.   It’s a movie that surprisingly only has a first act, which is stretched into 1 1/2 hours.   Because there’s no clear second or third act, there’s no true ending to the movie, no real antagonist capable of jeopardizing Lucy or her loved ones, and by halfway through the movie, there’s no real conflict.  This was possibly done on purpose because Lucy is most likely being considered as a franchise.  Or maybe it was ignorantly done to be called “artistic..”

To stretch a movie with only one act to 1 1/2 hours, there’s a lot over-the-top artistic editing and voice-overs by none other than Morgan Freeman.   When Besson sticks to his guns, and returns to best talent, action directing, Lucy is a thrill to watch.  But as Lucy gained more use of her brain, the movie just got dumber…confusing…and so dumb I literally wanted to pick the gum off the bottom of my seat and start eating it.   People who would enjoy this movie wholeheartedly would most likely be those who I  consider overly artistic.  Meaning, those who can stare at art that consist of a dot on a wall and learn the meaning of life.  I think they would be the only type of people who could enjoy film-making that is waaaaay out there.

It’s a pity because Besson truly created a great character, possibly a new superhero that we never had seen before.   He just didn’t give her a great script to flourish in.

P.S. in case you are wondering, we humans do use 100% of their brain, not 10%



me Movie Review: Lucy - What the...Really?  What a dumb..... (No Spoilers)
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