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My Average Client spends $1200 on their Hawaii Wedding

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Eloping, the new trend?

The average wedding couple in the United States will spend between $20,040 and $33,400 on their wedding.  This figure does include the price of their honeymoon, which can range from an extra $5000 to $8000.

Did you have a heart attack yet?

I realize I’m a bit biased here, but I can think of a lot of different ways to spend thirty-thousand dollars.   In some areas of the country, that’s a down payment for a nice house.   That’s a pretty good amount to invest into the stock market.  Weddings are getting damn expensive and the prices are not going down.   They have evolved from romantic one-on-one celebrations to events equivalent to Hollywood after parties.

Normal weddings are expensive because of the huge reception.

  • At a $100 per person food bill, 100 guest starts you off at a $10,000 just for catering
  • Throw in entertainment for the reception, that’s $1200
  • Throw in photography and video coverage for the reception, another $5000
  • And of course, decorations, another $2000 (and that’s on the cheap side).
  • TOTAL COST $18,200  ~  And hey, you didn’t even get married yet!   That’s how much you’ll spend entertaining just 100 guests!
  • Oh, by the way, I didn’t include the cost of the venue and a lot of other stuff….

Wedding-2 My Average Client spends $1200 on their Hawaii Wedding

So here’s my proposal to you.   If you don’t want to go broke.  If you don’t want to stress out about all the details of planning a wedding.  If you don’t want to deal with the family drama, think about coming to Hawaii to elope.   (Of course, if you do this, my company should be at the top of your list! haha)

Yeah, you can bring a few guests, parents, close friends, but don’t go crazy inviting everyone.   The fewer people there are, the more romantic and stress-free it’ll be!

The new trending word is “minimalist!” But eloping – small weddings, has been around since the beginning of the time.   Hey, Adam and Eve got married and didn’t pay a penny!

If you book with me, weddings can be as cheap as $175 if you only need the minister.  And they can go up to whatever amount you want.  But most couples spend around $1200 to $2500.

Think about it, and if it’s the right decision you’d want to entertain, hit me up.



me My Average Client spends $1200 on their Hawaii Wedding
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